Become A Better Piano Player / Musician

Become A Better Piano Player / Musician
Maximize Your Practice Time: Top 10 Practice Tips!

photo 1Playing the piano at any age, whether beginner or advanced, most players are trying to improve over time. Josh Isenberg of pure-piano always says “practice makes better”. The more you practice, the more you will improve over time. “I keep it simple: I try to play better today than I did yesterday and better tomorrow than I did today.” Says Josh Isenberg, pure-piano, professional pianist and keyboard player in Naples and SW Florida. Many become disappointed when they find their progress is slower than desired. The article in this post will share some wonderful tips and methods to help you become a more competent piano player. These 10 tips will give you some structure and focus while practicing and ultimately you will be more inspired by what you’re hearing from yourself when you play. And remember, for most, the only person you have to please is yourself. Be kind to yourself and have fun!

Musical regards,

Josh Isenberg

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