Trivial Pursuit “What is your Pure-Piano IQ”

Trivial Pursuit “What is your Pure-Piano IQ?”

Josh Sweater(King of the Jungle) Everyone knows the lion is the “King of the Jungle”. Why? Because lions dominate the jungle and keep order amongst the animals in the food chain. But did you know that the piano is considered the “King of all the instruments?” Its all about the wide tonal range, unique to the grand piano. The grand piano can reach the lowest note of the Contrabassoon and the highest note of the piccolo.

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***** Those of you who are enjoying this “trivial pursuit” of musical posers, continue reading: Submit your own Pure-Piano Trivial Questions and if chosen for this series, win the gold: Receive a $25 Visa Gift Card. The only restriction is the piano must be the central theme of the question.

Questions? Entries?  Info@Pure-Piano.Com

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