GCHS “Viva Shark Vegas” Pure-Piano, Pure Pleasure!

“Josh was absolutely phenomenal when he played for our “Viva Shark Vegas” Fundraiser Gala for the GCHS Band at the Naples Hilton. Every aspect of his performance was spot on! From pacing to volume to tempo to line up, Josh kept the great piano classics coming. He was furthermore incredibly professional and had a great friendly attitude and was just an overall joy to have at our event. Kudos to you, my good man. Thanks again so much for playing and we will see you at our next Gala for sure!!”

“Josh kept the great piano classics coming”

Reviewer: A. Gomez
Organization: GCHS
Event: “Viva Shark Vegas” Naples Hilton February 2015
Hired As: Pianist / Entertainer 

Hi Mr. Gomez,

Thank you very much for your kind and generous comments and for including me in your “Viva Shark Vegas” fundraiser for the Gulf Coast Sharks at the Naples Hilton. What a huge success! The event was spectacular, the energy in the room amazing, and I had a delightful evening! Thank you for including me and Pure-Piano in the fundraising component of the silent auction. I am looking forward to performing my soiree for the winner. I would be honored to serve you again in 2016! I tip my hat to you and your entire team for ALL you do. Our kids are the true and very fortunate beneficiaries!  

Musical regards,
Josh Isenberg