Naples Pianist Isenberg is, “Wonderful… Stellar… Memorable!”

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“I cannot stress how wonderful it was to hire Josh Isenberg for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. As a surprise we had Josh come into our home and perform while we had a casual home cooked dinner.

Naples Pianist Isenberg is, “Wonderful… Stellar… Memorable!”

Wonderful... Stellar...  Memorable...
Wonderful… Stellar…

With my parents living in a gated community I was concerned about not ruining the surprise and timing had to be perfect. Josh was beyond flexible and helped me plan the perfect anniversary surprise for a month in advance. Not only did he learn all of the special songs that we requested but his performance was on a grand scale that literally brought tears to the room. With myself being a musician, I was prepared to tolerate a hired gun to “phone it in”, but Josh did an
immaculate job with my personal highlight being his rendition of “Take Five”…Not an easy piece and definitely not dial toned. In addition to his fantastic playing, his easy going persona melded right with my family and their friends, making him seem like “one of us”. Josh’s prompt arrival, pleasant manner and stellar performance will go down in mine and my parents lives as one of the most memorable nights ever.”

Reviewer:Brian K.
Event Date: January 17th, 2015
Event Type: Suprise 50th. Anniversary Party
Event City: Naples, FL

Expertise: 5 Stars
Communication: 5 Stars
Professionalism: 5 Stars
Value: 5 Stars