“I was so pleased!”

“I was so pleased!”

“I was so pleased I hired Josh from Pure-Piano.Com to play piano at my dinner party.” “It couldn’t have been more enjoyable.”

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Pure-Piano Pianist Josh Isenberg: Since 1989

Bermuda Gardens Soiree: Pure-Piano Pianist Josh Isenberg joined Margaret Hutchinson and about 25 special guests for a simple yet elegant catered soiree that was anything but simple. Margaret just wanted to say, “thanks” to all those in her building who have been such fine friends  over the years. That’s just the type of person Margaret is…she enjoys giving back.  “I am so pleased I hired Josh Isenberg to play piano at my dinner party. It couldn’t have been more enjoyable.” 

Part of what makes Josh’s playing such a natural and enjoyable fit is a combination of music that spans the ages. He has a wonderful repertoire. In addition, Josh understands he’s not the show but part of the ambiance in the room and knows the right volume level so everyone can enjoy casual conversation with their table-mates while enjoying his soothing and tow tapping sounds! You can tell Josh is a pro whenever he sits behind the piano.

M Hutchinson
Imperial Golf Club, Bermuda Greens Resident