Every Aspect Was Perfect!

Every Aspect Was Perfect!

Good Morning,

Josh Isenberg Pianist / Owner Pure-Piano.Com
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A little rain certainly didn’t dampen the spirits and festivities surrounding the wedding! The bride had a clear idea from the start of exactly what she wanted and we cannot thank you enough for bringing her vision to reality. Every aspect was perfect. We know from speaking with both of them afterwards that they were extremely happy and pleased with everything.

We enjoyed working with you and appreciate your professional services for this wedding.


K. R.

… music, it is a “cause.”

… music, it is a “cause.”


“…Music, it is a “cause.” : For me, Josh, your music is more than music, it is a “cause.”

For me, Josh, your music is more than music, it is a “cause.” So says Dr. Dan Morris of Naples, FL. who attended an event where I was playing. Thanks Dan…Your words are quite humbling. So delighted you enjoy what I do. Hope to see you soon, Josh Isenberg Pure-Piano.Com.

It is a cause for American values of diversity, creativity, and inspiration,
from Duke Ellington to Cole Porter,
from Hoagie Carmichael to Count Basie,
from Scott Joplin to Billy Joel,
from Gershwin (George and Ira) to Goodman (Benny),
your music is food for the soul,
music that can be listened to and enjoyed at a normal volume,
music that can be danced to, music with clever lyrics and unforgettable melodies,
music that never grows old, and allows a person to re-live memories by the hearing of these wonderful songs,
music that is romantic, comforting, and more.
There is nothing like jazz standards in this whole wide world.
The world had been made a much more enjoyable place by this music, and may its timeless elegance be played forever.

Dan Morris, MD
Naples, FL