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5 Star Wedding Event

5 Star Wedding Event

I cannot thank Josh enough for his services. He made sure we were all set up for our wedding day and made us feel comfortable with his constant communication. Everyone at our wedding enjoyed the Piano and the music he chose for the day, which we gave him total trust to play as he felt convenient and appropriate. It was always pleasant talking to him and the day of our wedding he was amazing. THANK YOU!! It was a 5 Star Wedding Event. Jason & Gloria

Client: Jason G.Z.
Location: Quail West Country Club
February 11th, 2013
EXCELLENT 5 Stars!!!!!

60th Anniversary To Remember

60th Anniversary To Remember

Josh is an extremely talented and intuitive individual! He was so easy to work with and willing to have others perform along side him. My brother-in-law played guitar and another guest sang several numbers. Josh was happy to arrive a little early to practice with them before the event. I just can’t say enough. Bottom line, my parents were thrilled and that was the goal!

Reviewer: D. Caldwell
Event Date: January 20th, 2018
Services Provided: Keyboard Player, Sounding Board, Planner
Event Location: Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa
5 Stars * * * * *

Annual Christmas Cheer: Josh Isenberg of Pure-Piano.Com

Annual Christmas Cheer: Josh Isenberg of Pure-Piano.Com

Holiday party with Pure-Piano.Com.

It is with pleasure that we share the talents of Josh Isenberg of Pure-Piano.Com!  Johnson’s Air Conditioning has hosted an annual Christmas Cheer for the last number of years and in 2016 we added pianist Josh Isenberg to our event.  The atmosphere was enhanced as he played a great selection of music for our guests throughout the night. Johnsons hopes to continue our new addition having Josh and Pure-Piano.Com continuing as part of our tradition! Thanks for making our annual Christmas Cheer more memorable!

Rick & Rickie Sims

90th Birthday Party: Pure-Piano 5 Star Event

90th Birthday Party: Pure-Piano 5 Star Event

90th Birthday Party: Pure-Piano 5 Star Event: After listening to

Pure-Piano 5 Star Event! Josh Isenberg of Pure-Piano.Com “Plays All The Right Notes” 239-450-5734

samples of Josh’s musicianship online, I thought Mr. Isenberg would be a perfect fit for my family’s celebration of my dad’s 90th birthday at the Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa. I then called him and lo and behold, he answered right away. We talked at great length about what I had in mind for the party performance and I knew right then that he would be a perfect fit. Josh is very personable and strives to please his clients which includes what type of atmosphere he needs to create for the event plus any special requests for music. He was very open to providing piano accompaniment to a couple family members desiring to sing at the party. I definitely recommend Josh Isenberg and Pure-Piano.Com for any event in need of a piano/keyboard performance. His friendly personality, experience and professionalism will make your party a delightful affair.


  • Reviewer: Scott Grieger
  • Event Date: February 28th, 2017
  • Services Provided: Pianist
  • 5 out of 5 Stars

Every Aspect Was Perfect!

Every Aspect Was Perfect!

Good Morning,

Josh Isenberg Pianist / Owner Pure-Piano.Com
Josh Isenberg Pianist / Owner Pure-Piano.Com 239-450-5734

A little rain certainly didn’t dampen the spirits and festivities surrounding the wedding! The bride had a clear idea from the start of exactly what she wanted and we cannot thank you enough for bringing her vision to reality. Every aspect was perfect. We know from speaking with both of them afterwards that they were extremely happy and pleased with everything.

We enjoyed working with you and appreciate your professional services for this wedding.


K. R.

… music, it is a “cause.”

… music, it is a “cause.”


“…Music, it is a “cause.” : For me, Josh, your music is more than music, it is a “cause.”

For me, Josh, your music is more than music, it is a “cause.” So says Dr. Dan Morris of Naples, FL. who attended an event where I was playing. Thanks Dan…Your words are quite humbling. So delighted you enjoy what I do. Hope to see you soon, Josh Isenberg Pure-Piano.Com.

It is a cause for American values of diversity, creativity, and inspiration,
from Duke Ellington to Cole Porter,
from Hoagie Carmichael to Count Basie,
from Scott Joplin to Billy Joel,
from Gershwin (George and Ira) to Goodman (Benny),
your music is food for the soul,
music that can be listened to and enjoyed at a normal volume,
music that can be danced to, music with clever lyrics and unforgettable melodies,
music that never grows old, and allows a person to re-live memories by the hearing of these wonderful songs,
music that is romantic, comforting, and more.
There is nothing like jazz standards in this whole wide world.
The world had been made a much more enjoyable place by this music, and may its timeless elegance be played forever.

Dan Morris, MD
Naples, FL

Awards & Accolades

Awards & Accolades

Annual Golden Baby Shoe Awards


To Whom It May Concern:

Golden Baby Shoe Awards Night 2016
Golden Baby Shoe Awards Night 2016

Annual events at Healthy Start are an essential part of being able to continue to serve our community and achieve our goal which is to help give babies the healthy start in life that they deserve.

I have had the pleasure of

Golden Baby Shoe Awards Night 2016

having Mr. Josh Isenberg of Pure-Piano perform for us once again at our 7th Annual Golden Baby Shoe Awards event in 2016. Once again, the professionalism consistently demonstrated by Mr. Isenberg was matched by his talent, both being extraordinary. I would, without hesitation, recommend Mr. Josh Isenberg as our experience with him was wonderful. He was easy to contact, a pleasure to deal with, and accommodating.


Cathy Timuta
Executive Director
Healthy Start Coalition of Southwest Florida

“I was so pleased!”

“I was so pleased!”

“I was so pleased I hired Josh from Pure-Piano.Com to play piano at my dinner party.” “It couldn’t have been more enjoyable.”

Talent Consultants vs. Booking Direct in SW, FL.
Pure-Piano Pianist Josh Isenberg: Since 1989

Bermuda Gardens Soiree: Pure-Piano Pianist Josh Isenberg joined Margaret Hutchinson and about 25 special guests for a simple yet elegant catered soiree that was anything but simple. Margaret just wanted to say, “thanks” to all those in her building who have been such fine friends  over the years. That’s just the type of person Margaret is…she enjoys giving back.  “I am so pleased I hired Josh Isenberg to play piano at my dinner party. It couldn’t have been more enjoyable.” 

Part of what makes Josh’s playing such a natural and enjoyable fit is a combination of music that spans the ages. He has a wonderful repertoire. In addition, Josh understands he’s not the show but part of the ambiance in the room and knows the right volume level so everyone can enjoy casual conversation with their table-mates while enjoying his soothing and tow tapping sounds! You can tell Josh is a pro whenever he sits behind the piano.

M Hutchinson
Imperial Golf Club, Bermuda Greens Resident

Annual Donor Event Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

Annual Donor Event Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

  • Corkscrew Sanctuary
  • Corkscrew Sanctuary

Josh Isenberg of Pure-Piano recently provided his special brand of piano playing at our annual donor event on the grounds of the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in SW Florida. We could not have asked for a better experience! Josh is professional, friendly and willing to provide whatever type of music you need for an event. He was easy to communicate with and was flexible with some last minute changes we had to make. Josh was able to read the crowd and the flow of the event and provide the perfect music at the right time throughout the evening. I highly recommend Josh to any individual or organization looking for a seasoned professional for their event.

Jason Lauritsen
Center Director
Audubon’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
March 2016

“With Josh at the keyboard…………Voila”

“With Josh at the keyboard…………Voila”

Beautiful Sunset Up-Lighting Behind The Piano Compliments of Pure-Piano.Com. 239-450-5734
Beautiful Sunset Up-Lighting Behind The Piano Compliments of Pure-Piano.Com. 239-450-5734

I recently entertained a large group of friends in my home for a holiday party and sought an entertainer to provide ambiance.  I have a baby grand piano in my home and with Josh at the keyboard…Voila…we had the frosting on the cake.

“…and with Josh at the keyboard…Voila…”

Josh was a hit with my guests……..not only in his personal appearance and personality, but his talent and selection of music was all we had asked and hoped for.

Please accept my recommendation for this fine gentleman and pianist from Pure-Piano.Com.

Sincere regards,
Trish Potts

Holiday party
December 2015
Naples, FL.