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Pure-Piano, “LIVE”

Pure-Piano, "LIVE"
Pure-Piano, “LIVE”

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After several requests to have some venue video content on the website, the result is, Pure-Piano, “LIVE”. I will continue to add content to this page as I accumulate video content from various venues where I receive permission to document my playing. Thank you to everyone for your great ideas on how to enhance

“Wisdom Begins In Wonder” Socrates

“Musical Wisdom Begins In Musical Wonder”

Josh Isenberg: pure-piano

Celebrating 25 Years Living in Naples “Paradise” Florida Since 1989

pure-pianopicnohatFirst of all, many posts I have researched regarding this quote are wrong. Yes, that is a bold statement but not intended to convey arrogance on my part. It is to point out that many are misquoting the quote itself. Is it, “Wisdom begins in Wonder” or “Wisdom begins with Wonder”? I can save you time and tell you that the former is correct and the latter is not. Why is it, then, that so many articles and blogs seem to make no differentiation between “in” and “with”. One word can make a difference. Say it a few times to yourself and you will see what I mean. (“With” wonder), conveys a sense that you possess this quality called, “wonder”. (“In” wonder) conveys a state of being: Something you are and not something separate from yourself. I can tell you without a doubt that my 40+ years of being involved in the arts, specifically the music arts, not only began in wonder, but this state of being “in wonder” inexplicably drives me each and every day. It is a part of my being and something separate from myself. Being in this constant state of “in wonder” creates abundant inspiration that is literally at my finger tips… pardon the pun! 🙂

Musical regards,
Josh Isenberg

Deliberate Practice

“Nothing seems to impact my learning methodology more than the philosophy of deliberate practice: Consistent and deliberate effort to  improve my level of musicianship.”

joshbackstorypicHenry David Thoreau said, “I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of a person to elevate his or her life by conscious endeavor.” In other words, the power of intention is what makes our life what it is. We either actively intend or passively intend. Think about that for a few moments.

I have one clearly stated intention when it comes to being a pianist, musician, artist, etc… I want to become the best pianist / musician I can. My father still tells me to this day, the only way I will develop further in my art is to listen to other musicians and to play with other musicians: Not just any musicians but musicians who are better at their craft than I am at mine. After 40 + years of playing the piano, I still follow my father’s advice to this day! And although I’ve come a long way in 40 + years, in some ways, I feel like I am just scratching the piano playing surface. Since attitude determines altitude, I approach each day with an attitude of deliberate practice. Nothing seems to impact my learning methodology more than the philosophy of deliberate practice: Consistent and deliberate effort to  improve my level of musicianship.

Become A Better Piano Player / Musician

Become A Better Piano Player / Musician
Maximize Your Practice Time: Top 10 Practice Tips!

photo 1Playing the piano at any age, whether beginner or advanced, most players are trying to improve over time. Josh Isenberg of pure-piano always says “practice makes better”. The more you practice, the more you will improve over time. “I keep it simple: I try to play better today than I did yesterday and better tomorrow than I did today.” Says Josh Isenberg, pure-piano, professional pianist and keyboard player in Naples and SW Florida. Many become disappointed when they find their progress is slower than desired. The article in this post will share some wonderful tips and methods to help you become a more competent piano player. These 10 tips will give you some structure and focus while practicing and ultimately you will be more inspired by what you’re hearing from yourself when you play. And remember, for most, the only person you have to please is yourself. Be kind to yourself and have fun!

Musical regards,

Josh Isenberg

Testimonial – Barry L.

5  Star Review

From the first time I saw Josh perform live I knew that his goal was to be in harmony with his music and ultimately with his audience.
His professional and personal approach to the event for which he is hired is above par. Detail and communication with the client make the event go beautifully. Improvisation and humor within the moment comes naturally. Josh performed for our convention in  2007, 2008,  and 2009

Reviewer: Barry L.
Organization: B. Lively Images
Event: Tampa Bay, FL
Hired As: Pianist 

Thank you, Barry! Without a fan, a performer would play to an audience of none. You are the best fan a performer could ask for. Thanks for all your support, man! And the best pictures ever!
Musical Regards,
Josh Isenberg

Evolution of the Piano

Evolution of the Piano

“Music is the universal language, and pianos enable everyday people to speak this language.”

The Piano, originally called the gravicembalo col pian e forte (“harpsichord with soft and loud”), has been around for almost 300 years. Credited with its invention was Bartolomeo Cristofori, a skilled instrument builder from Italy.  The genesis of the piano was to create an instrument that would be sensitive to intensity and sound. The result was what is known as the grand piano meaning the strings run parallel to the floor which is in stark contrast to the upright piano with vertically positioned strings. Improvements to the upright included re engineering it with horizontal strings. More recent developments include the player piano, the digital piano, and the silent piano.

Most musicians prefer classic acoustic pianos because of their rich tones and true authentic musical sound. In the end, no matter what your preference is, you surely benefit from the piano. Music is the universal language, and pianos enable everyday people to speak this language.


He plays very harmonious tunes, and the crowds love him.

He plays very harmonious tunes, and the crowds love him. He is very friendly, and has a great personality. Josh is also a sharp dresser! I would definitely recommend him for any event as I was very happy to be able to use his services. I have been using Josh’s piano services for two years now and he is phenomenal. He volunteers for a fund-raising event that I organize for the Bonita Springs Assistance Office at Bentley Village, Bonita Springs. He is always very punctual and dependable.

Maytee G. CNLBank


Great repertoire! Great Style!

When we were taking the company band, (High Risk), to a full 12 piece for the Las Vegas Paris Ballroom following our IPO, Josh led the really critical musical direction and arrangements. Josh is one hell of a talent and professional in the music / piano world. We couldn’t have done the big shows at that level without him. He also played our cocktail hour for over 2000 attendees. Great repertoire! Great style!

Bob C. Heartland Payment Systems